Code of good practice

The purpose of this Code of good practice is not to give lessons of any kind; it is rather to make a list of most swingers’ common values, thus setting the basis of LeeLoo’s community. Being a member of LeeLoo’s community is a matter of trust, based on confidentiality, safety and respect. The pleasure of our members is directly linked to these three fundamental values; it’s simple common sense, really.


The majority of swingers prefer to keep their sexual practices private, so that nobody, neither family members, nor friends, nor colleagues can learn about their « secret double life ». In most cases, they also want to protect their virtual identity to avoid seeing their spicy pictures published in pornographic websites or other personal Facebook profiles. This is why respecting other members’ privacy is mandatory within LeeLoo’s community and the swingers’ community in general.

LeeLoo is a secret community. To be accepted and certified, you must be invited by a formal member who has previously met you in person. Every member has a personal certification code and must guarantee the good faith of the swingers He or She decides to invite into LeeLoo’s community. This is how LeeLoo makes sure that the certified members are real persons and real swingers.

During parties or private encounters, LeeLoo members commit to respect the privacy of everyone by not taking pictures nor filming, unless everybody there agrees on it. Any picture published on the LeeLoo application will always belong to the members appearing on it.

If a member gives you his real name and/or personal information, it must remain private; this information is not yours to disclose. Of course, if you run into an acquaintance’s profile, you must not tell his entourage.

Safety and health

Like every sexual practice, swinging implies some risks, especially as the number of sexual partner increases. The LeeLoo community members take on reducing those risks as much as they can, not only to respect their sexual partners, but also to protect themselves. Our members are committed to respect the healthy practices listed below.

  1. Use condoms for any extra-marital intercourse, and use a new one whenever you change partner. After you’re finished, make sure the condom is intact. (It is better to use condoms without latex, and water-based lubricants, as some people are allergic to latex and/or silicon.)
  2. Washing your hands before sexual intercourse is mandatory! Most of all, when you are in a party with many partners: you should wash your hands and mouth in between sexual relations. If you are playing with more than one person at a time, well, you have two hands! Don’t mixt them up, because you could spread a sexual infection from one partner to another, since fluids could travel on your fingers and you don’t usually wear condoms on your hands, right?
  3. Visit your doctor regularly to make sure you are not infected with a sexual disease. Talk to your family doctor or gynecologist about it, He or She will prescribe you with a regular screening program (don’t worry, they’re used to it). You should know that tests are free at most CLSC, you only have to say you’ve just had a risky sexual intercourse.
  4. In the case you are suffering from a sexual infection, even if it’s benign, stop any swinging sexual activity, until you’ve fully recovered, and inform your previous sexual partners about the situation. Don’t panic, these things happen!


Swinging practices imply fundamental respect in a wide range of situations.

First, it’s important to discuss everyone’s limits and to respect them. These limits can evolve during the evening, depending on the mood of the persons you’re playing with. But it is mandatory to pay attention to your partners feeling at all times, in order to make sure everyone’s OK. Don’t act like a hunter, don’t insist, and don’t be oppressive.

We recommend that new swingers’ couples agree on a discreet sign, allowing them to know if one of them is not feeling well. This sign (a pressure in the palm of the hand, for example), would mean: I’m not OK, could we get back together for 5 minutes, I need to talk? Of course, try to avoid screaming « artichoke » in the middle of the evening! The secret sign must remain discreet; you don’t want to make everyone’s aware of your state of mind, only your loved one. Using such a sign avoids unease to grow bigger and allows the partners to make little adjustments that could help everyone feel better, without having to leave the party. The number one rule here is that nobody must feel forced to do something and that anybody is free to leave at any time.

Respecting one another also means accepting refusal: to each his own taste. You can’t appeal to everyone. Learn to accept a « no thanks » with modesty and don’t ask for explanations. It is not easy to say « no » in the first place, because nobody wants to hurt anyone’s feelings, so accepting a refusal without asking further questions is much more elegant and avoids awkward moments to take place.

Also, has everyone has different tastes, it is important to respect everyone’s reputation. Don’t gossip or say bad things about other swingers. If a member doesn’t appeal to you or you didn’t have fun at a party, it’s better if you let your friends judge by themselves, has maybe they would have enjoyed this particular person or party.

A swingers’ party results in an exchange between many persons. Overall, everyone should have fun and nobody should be left alone. It is sometimes difficult to realize, in the middle of a party, that someone is feeling left out or is having a hard time (with an erection, for instance). Over time, you’ll learn how to pay better attention to the signs and you’ll know how to make the necessary adjustments.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is take a break, slow down the rhythm, take your time with the foreplay, dim the lights, create an intimate bubble, change position….