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LeeLoo is a mobile application free and independent that wants to simplify the encounters of the libertine community. You can support us financially to help us develop LeeLoo and become a member of the community .

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Popular questions

  • Why support LeeLoo?

    We develop LeeLoo on a voluntary basis to provide the libertine community with a simple and effective tool to improve encounters. By becoming an ambassador member, you help us to financially support the running costs of the platform and to further develop the LeeLoo community.

  • Which counterparties?

    By supporting LeeLoo, you become an active member of the LeeLoo community, an ambassador. This title is above all symbolic, the best of counterparts is to support an independent project and free, at the service of the community.

Our operating costs

We are transparent. Look carefully at the costs of developing and running the LeeLoo application and why we use certain services.

Last name Service Goal Cost Total
AWS Amazon Allows us to host all LeeLoo data as well as our mobile API. 100$/month 1200$
GitHub GitHub Deals with the versioning 10$/month 120$
Phonegap Adobe For compilation and Beta testings 15$/month 180$
Domain names GoDaddy domain and variants 45$/year 45$
SSL certificates SSL Encryption of data transfer 180$/year 180$
Apple Store developper Apple The iTunes Connect platform allows us to distribute the app on the App Store 120$/year 120$
Google App Store Developper Google Allows distribution of the App on the Google Play store 35$/year 35$
LeeLoo certification cards Vista Print For LeeLoo certification in Clubs 40$ / 6 months 80$
Postage fees Poste Canada To send the Privilege Cards by mail 60$ / draw 180$
Development Ordi-Folie inc. We develop LeeLoo by ourself, but we sometimes have to hire a developer to speed things up 500$/month 6000$

Become an ambassador

You can support us to help us develop LeeLoo and become a ambassador member of the community.