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LeeLoo libertine is a location-based mobile application that helps you to better organize your libertine life. Select the profiles you like, indicate your availability and put your phone back in your pocket to carry out your business, LeeLoo takes care of the rest.

  • Authenticity


    LeeLoo permet de rencontrer de nouveaux partenaires en toute confiance, sécurité et confidentialité.
 LeeLoo souhaite garantir des gens fiables, recommandés et prêts à passer à l’action.

  • Match


    You identify the profiles that attract you, and if they are also attracted to you, it is a « match ». From then on, the adventure can begin: you can discuss with them and see their next availabilities.

  • Organization


    Did you find a babysitter for kids next Saturday and would like to meet a couple? Indicate that you are free this Saturday in your LeeLoo calendar and your « matches » will be notified.

  • Geolocated


    LeeLoo uses the position of your phone to find profiles around your current location: at home, in a boring evening or on weekends in the countryside

Authenticity and reliability

The Authentic Circle
by LeeLoo

The Authentic Circle by LeeLoo allows you to meet new partners with confidence, security and confidentiality

Code de Conduite

Being part of the LeeLoo community is a matter of trust. Trust based on confidentiality, security and respect.